The Underground Railroad Living Museum Flight to Freedom Tour is a “storytelling” re-enactment of the original Underground Railroad passage that operated between 1840 and 1863. On the tour visitors will be shackled with wrist bands at the entrance of the tour and begin their journey by entering through the “Door of No Return,” on Goree Island in Africa. As this journey begins, visitors transform into passengers on the Underground Railroad and are led to Freedom by a conductor. Passengers hide from bounty hunters, cross the  Ohio "Deep" river, take retreat in a safe house in Indiana which is owned by Abolitionist Levi Coffin. F i n a l l y, p a s s e n g e r s move to “Midnight,” the code name for Detroit and take safe haven at the First Congregational Church of Detroit before moving on to Canada and “Freedom.”

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The Station House

The Underground Railroad Living Museum “Station House” exhibit is an ADA accessible exhibit derived from the Flight to Freedom Tour. Visitors will be greeted with a briefing and a video presentation in the Chapel. After going through the “Door of No Return,”, visitors will be presented with a series of dioramas that display what it was like during the journey from the slave ships to freedom. Along with the dioramas are exhibits with artifacts, pictures and other information. At the conclusion of the journey, visitors can debrief and/or purchase merchandise at the Underground Railroad Bookstore.

Flight to Freedom Experience


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